Organic All-Purpose Flour

All-Purpose Flour Says It All
Organic All-Purpose Flour

Because we get so many requests for the all-purpose flour used in modern recipes, we decided to combine our local soft wheat with hard wheat grown in the plains climate of the Midwest. The taste of the wheat fields can still be discerned in this flour, we believe, even though we gave up a little of the delicacy of the soft pastry flour to gain the strength and keeping qualities that is characteristic of hard, winter wheat, flours. Daisy Organic All-Purpose Flour is a blend of soft and hard wheat with a protein count of about 11%. It works well for all baked goods , especially cookies, biscuits or quick breads.

As a general kitchen staple, all purpose flour is kept on hand for thickening sauces and to keep your hands or your batter from sticking. Flour has a slight ability to act as a leavening agent. If you want to create a self-rising flour, then take Daisy All Purpose Flour and add baking soda and salt. That combination will give better lifting qualities to dishes like biscuits, where yeast is not necessary and just gets in the way of the flour’s ability to perform and show off its natural taste qualities.

We often give talks to pastry students at the local culinary schools. Some of them are in high school, some post high school classes. Even in our strongly agricultural community, they are not sure where flour comes from. “ The store?” We talk to them about grain, how it grows and how it is milled. They ask a lot of good questions. They go on to graduate, taking Daisy Flour into our restaurants, our bakeries, even our resorts. Many of them want to own a small bakery.

Like anyone just beginning to be a serious baker, students begin with all purpose (AP) flour and, in many cases, use only AP forever, for every kitchen need. Those students who become pastry chefs pay close attention to the way our flours vary greatly in baking characteristics and they begin to recognize the subtle traits that are all- important to us: the flavor and taste of the flour.

Perhaps you are a freshman in learning about organic, small batch flour. Or perhaps you just want to cook and be done with it. Start with Daisy Organic All Purpose Flour. Use it for everything and observe the results.

Watch for us in the social media. Ask questions. Experiment. Send us your ideas and your observations. Recognize that flour is about as basic as food can be. Flour starts in the farmer’s field. Then it comes to our small, old fashioned flouring mill. Then to the store. Then to your kitchen, your bakery, your restaurant. Then to your palate.


Daisy Organic All-Purpose Flour

Unbleached and Unenriched

Daisy Organic All-Purpose Flour is certified 100% Organic and Kosher, and is not bleached, bromated, or enriched.

Typical Analysis* * Average Specifications; may vary with each lot number

Flour Protein 10%

Flour Moisture Approx. 13%

Flour Ash 0.55