Daisy Flour Crust Pie Baking Constest!

Fruit Pie

Our partner for pies this month: Brooklyn Kitchen defies definition. Every time we think we have them figured out, we find out they are doing something else (field trips, demonstrations, classes & more). It’s always interesting and always immediate and relevant to food and the cooking, growing, and procuring of it.

Yes, they are a Kitchen Supply Store and includes a wall of cookie cutters covering every imaginable subject. I study it every time I go there. They hunt down great fresh foods and meats. They are constantly feeding the local people who are always hungry for education and information about food.

We are delighted to provide Daisy Pastry Flour for the foundation of their 2013 summer contest to find the best pie baker, the best pie crust and the most imaginative filling. Come along and try the pie! Brooklyn Kitchen is located just across the East River via the Williamsburg Bridge.

Go toBrooklyn Kitchento get all the information about the Daisy Flour Crust Pie Baking contest.

Send your questions or your recipes to
[email protected] .
Daisy Flours are milled by McGeary Organics
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 800-624-3279