Great recipes begin with Daisy Flour

Wholesome goodness, milled the old-fashioned way

Quality Organic Flours

Locally made 100% Organic - GMO Free

Whether you're a professional chef or a seasoned home baker, you'll delight in the results you get with Daisy Flour. Our milling process preserves the best parts of the grain, while producing soft, fine flours that bring out the flavors of your favorite creations.

Today's bakers are more conscious than ever about the ingredients they serve to their customers or feed their families. You can rest easy knowing that Daisy Flour is made from premium-quality, organic wheat, chosen from the farmers we trust.

Where it all Began

The Annville mill has been in operation since 1740, making it the oldest of its kind in the United States. Smaller than the giant flour mills built in the 20th century, this mill is the perfect location to continue the old-fashioned traditions that make Daisy Flour so special, while maintaining the integrity of the 100% organic flouring process.