Lancaster Red Flour

A Reserve Flour milled from Historic Wheat

Mediterranean grown and named according to the regions where the fields were located. For our purposes, we selected the Mediterranean variety that was named Lancaster Red because it was first grown in a field in our own home county: Lancaster, in southcentral Pennsylvania, where Daisy Flour was first sold. About the time the Daisy Flour label was established in 1890, roller mills had been invented and the Annville Mill was converted from a grist mill to a roller mill. This style of soft red wheat was ideally suited to the new roller mill process.

100% Organic Daisy Lancaster Red Flour

Lancaster Red has a higher protein count than most soft wheat flours available in the market today. For that reason, Lancaster Red has proven to produce a good loaf of bread with the hearty flavor of red wheat, while serving just as well as an all-purpose flour for pancakes, cookies, pies, waffles, cakes, scones, and as a thickening agent for gravies and sauces.


  • Unbleached and Unenriched
  • Daisy Organic All-Purpose Flour is certified 100% Organic and Kosher, and is not bleached, bromated, or enriched.
  • Typical Analysis* * Average Specifications; may vary with each lot number
  • Flour Protein 11 – 12.5%
  • Flour Moisture Approx. 13%
  • Flour Ash 0.60