Daisy Flour and Holiday Cookies

Daisy Flour and Holiday Cookies

The primary ingredient in any cookie is flour. There are many holiday cookie recipes available on our website and the best choice, for flavor and good health, starts with Daisy Organic Flour. Whether a shortbread or chocolate chip cookie, organic flour is the main and preferred ingredient. It is certainly preferred for avoiding potentially harmful chemical additives. Daisy Organic flour is just that, void of pesticides, chemical additives and bleach.

gingerbreadBack in the Middle Ages, when spices, sugar and lard finally became more available, the first cookie became something of a novel offering. In parts of Europe, baking and then exchanging the cookies began as a holiday extravagance among families. Rather than pies, breads and cakes, traditional holiday cookies could be more easily shared in portions and were exchanged as part of the holiday spirit.

The origin of the cookie was predated by the creation of flour and was followed by baking bread. But cookies did not become an actual commodity until an error by a Dutch baker. In an effort to test and taste the cake, a smattering of the batter was cooked, called “koekje”, the Dutch word for little cake. “Koekje” sounds amazingly similar to our own word, cookie.

The gingerbread cookie is alleged to have been one of the very first holiday cookies in northern Europe, around 1500. The very first gingerbread cookie was baked in Nuremberg, Germany in 1395 and was known as Lebkuchen.

The gingerbread cookie and gingerbread houses, in addition to their notoriety for being the first known Christmas favorite, have a history with which all children are familiar. Grimm Fairy Tales raised gingerbread to the heights in their story of Hansel and Gretel, where the children came upon a gingerbread house and began to tear off pieces and eat the gingerbread house. Today, gingerbread houses have a life of their own, as part of the Christmas tradition.

The purity in taste will come out in all of your holiday cookies. Peanut butter and the sugar cookie, snickerdoodles, the sand tart and chocolate chip cookies are a few among many of the tasty treats you will be sharing with your family this holiday season. Home-baked holiday cookies are still a mainstay in American culture, as American as apple pie.